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Documents of the "Bez GMO" Standard version 2.0 - incl. Annexes.

New edition of the "Bez GMO" Standard valid from 1.1.2021. With regard to the issue of a new version of the standard, has been set a transitional period of 6 months (see Article 1.6 of the standard). During the transition period, is possible (if the certified company has interest) to perform an audit according to the requirements of the first version of the standard. Certificates issued according to the previous version of the Standard version 1.0 remain valid until the date of validity indicated on the certificate.

However, with regard to the applied changes, we recommend, if possible, for a specific company, the transition to the new version at the time of a proper recertification audit.

After the transition period, all companies will be audited according to the "Bez GMO" Standard version 2.0.

For more information regarding certification / recertification according to the requirements of the new edition of the "Bez GMO" Standard version 2.0, please contact your certification body.

VLOG - List of standards recognized as equivalent (English) - Published at the VLOG website (German)

"Bez GMO" Standard version 2.0, rev.2

 Standard Bez GMO - V2.0, rev. 2 EN (valid from 14/6/2021)

(Revised Article 1.6 of the Standard - Specification of the transition period and validity of certificates issued according to the "Bez GMO" Standard version 1.0.; Correction of the link to the standard articles)

"Bez GMO" Standard version 2.0:

 Standard Bez GMO - V2.0 EN (valid from 1/1/2021)

"Bez GMO" Standard version 2.0, rev.2 with Annexes (zip File):

 Standard Bez GMO - V2.0, rev.2 EN with Annexes (valid from 14/6/2021)

"Bez GMO" Standard version 2.0 with Annexes (zip File):

 Standard Bez GMO - V2.0 EN with Annexes (valid from 1/1/2021)

Annexis of the Standard:

Annex 01 Certificates Bez GMO, template (Czech, English, Slovak version) - ver. 2023

The certificate templates has been modified and the following versions of certificates are issued since 11/2023. The modification was made due only one valid version of the Standard "non-GMO".
The changes concern the removal of information about the version of the Standard "Non-GMO".
The information abut version of standard in the certificate was included due to the transitional period when two versions of the issued certificates were valid.
After the end of the transition period, are all issued certificates "only according to Version 2 of the Standard "Non-GMO"" which is recognised by VLOG.

      Annex 11 Biomass supplier data-ISCC EU,GMP+,GTP, Non-GMO,audit, template_v1.0

Annex 02 Bez GMO Supplier declaration, teplate_v2.3

(Document update - storage added (internal/external storage))
  Annex 12 Withdrawal of Non-GMO products, template_v1.0
Annex 03 Sample collection record, template_v2.0   Annex 13 Activities in Non-GMO area,summary _v2.0
Annex 04 High-risk feed and ingredients_V2.0   Annex 14 Audit control checklist_v2.3
Annex 05 Description of operation-Food production_v2.0   Annex 15 Risk analysis of individual Non-GMO milk suppliers by SC,welfare,template_v2
Annex 06 Description of operation-Feed production,Trade_v2.0   Annex 16 Trade-transportation of animals_v1.0
Annex 07 Description of operation-Logistics, transport,storage_v2.0   Annex 17 Registration form-application for Non-GMO certification_v2
Annex 08 Description of operation-Processing,modification_v2   Annex 18 Requirements GMO testing and analysis_2.0
Annex 09 Group certification, scheme_V2.2   Annex 19 Confirmation of mobile mixing of compound feed_v2
Annex 10 Table of superior coordinator's process, e.g. in milk production_v1.0_r2   Annex 20 Supplier notification of a GMO positive test results_v1.0
    Annex 21 Bez GMO Carrier declaration,template_v1.0

List of VLOG recognised laboratories performing analyzes for the presence of GMOs:

Web page with link to the List of laboratories recognized by VLOG

List of laboratories recognised by VLOG (PDF)